Double Fine’s Next Game is Trenched

If you were worried that Double Fine’s Sesame Street game for Kinect would interfere with their relentless output of downloadable games, think again. The company has just released several screens of their next downloadable Xbox Live Arcade title, Trenched. Trenched is a third-person mech combat game that pits the Mobile Trench Brigade against some very colorful monsters in war-torn environments.

This new title looks like a big departure from their last two, Stacking and Costume Quest, which featured cute graphics and quaint gameplay. Trenched seems to be all about combat with a side of mech customization. The game is being published by Microsoft, so a release on PS3 anytime soon is unlikely.

Did I mention the game looks great? Double Fine’s output has been truly impressive lately, and Trenched could be another accomplishment. Check out all the screenshots below.