Double Fine Happy Action Theatre & Rhythm Party now available on the XBLA marketplace

Last week's XBLA releases proved to be the wackiest in recent months, and though this week's aren't as crazy, they still are a little on the odd side. Available now on the marketplace is Double Fine Happy Action Theater Rhythm Party, each priced at 800 MSP. In a nutshell, if you're into those fake fireplaces for your laptops, or cheap knock-offs of popular games, then these titles will definitely impress you. 

Taking a break from the likes of Seasme Street: Once Upon a Monster, Double Fine is back with Double Fine Happy Action Theater. There really is no premise behind the game; basically your gaming space is turned into 18 different themes using Kinect's camera features. These effects include: under water, forest, fire, and much more. The title is definitely family oriented, which is nice because five people can take part in the action at any one time. 

If Dance Central 2 ​is not your style (Really, now?), maybe ​Rhythm Party can get your booty bumpin'. This Kinect title takes a spin on the dancing genre, allowing your body to be the controller. The game is simple: "Use your arms and legs to hit the Ripples in time with the rhythm while you create an original performance." You create the moves based on the beat provided from dozens of international hits. No more choreographers telling ​you how to dance! 

Further details and download links can be seen below: 

Double Fine Happy Action Theater

Price: 800 MSP (Free demo)

Download Size: 322.00 MB

To download ​Double Fine Happy Action Theater ​to your Xbox 360, click here

Rhythm Party

Price: 800 MSP (Free demo)

​Download Size: 816.09 MB

To download Rhythm Party ​to your Xbox 360, click here