Double Dragon: Neon soundtrack is free on Bandcamp, dude!

So Double Dragon: Neon is pretty damn awesome. The game is a true throwback to the '80s, not only because of its gameplay, but its style, too. While I enjoyed the beat 'em up action and colorful art style, the sound design was easily my favorite aspect of the game.

That's why it makes me stupidly ecstatic to know that the soundtrack to Double Dragon: Neon is downloadable for free on Bandcamp. Yay for free stuff, right?

If you've already enjoyed the '80s-inspired magic of Double Dragon: Neon, then you're aware of just how sweet the game's music is. My personal favorite track is "Mixtape: Bomb Toss." Seriously, that "Never Gonna Give You Up" influence is crazy rad.

Umm … Why are you looking at me that way? Hey, Rick Astley was all right!


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