Dota 2 reaches a new player high over this past weekend

Through stats Gathered via Steam and its Steamgraph, PC Gamer learned that Dota 2 is on the rise.  On this past Saturday, Dota 2 hit over 180,000 concurrent players which is a new high for the MOBA.  Only Skyrim was above it in players at a solid 287,411.  This spike in players is said to be due to the International tournament which occurred this past September.  Gamers and MOBA enthusiasts watching the streams around the world gave this still officially unreleased game more of a chance.

While League of Legends is still dominating the MOBA genre in player base, this rapid growing Valve MOBA is gaining lots of steam (I apologize for that pun).  The growth in overall eSports is aiding Dota 2 just as much as Dota 2 is supporting eSports popularity.  I foresee this symbiotic relationship only growing stronger in the future.  Hell, the GAME ISN’T OFFICIALY OUT YET!  Think of what happens once it is?  Will the hype train take off or are the majority of the player base already aboard? 

If you haven’t tried Dota 2 yet there really aren’t any excuses, plenty of beta codes are out there.  ONE of your Steam buddies has to have an extra.  Become a statistic today!     


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