DOTA 2 gets updated with new level system, Treasury and fixes

Patch deets below!

The Reborn update has officially hit Dota 2 and it brought a couple of new features along with it. For the next day or two, all matchmaking will only be available in Reborn. The update will bring Dota Levels, a new Treasury, along with various other adjustments and fixes.

After the update, your in-game level will not be reduced to zero. Your current Level will be based off of all of the trophies you have already won, and the Dota team even added two new trophies to make sure you're rewarded for the time you've put in: The Experience Trophy will gain points every time you play a match, without any limits and the Battle Veteran trophy is a commemorative trophy for those who earned Battle Points before this update.

Learn more about Dota Levels here.

The new Treasury can be found in the Heroes section, and will allow you to quickly browse, explore, and purchase treasures.

Here are all the more tedious fixes:

  • Improved input latency in more cases
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Added Tournaments section for browsing tournaments, viewing live tournament matches, and watching tournament replays
  • Enabled Treasury
  • Added the ability to have multiple armory filters (and adjusted filters UI)
  • Armory filters are now automatically saved to the SteamCloud
  • Fixed Dire mid ramp being slightly too wide
  • Improved selection boxes on various units
  • Various improvements to the watch section with support for the "Watch Later" feature
  • Enabled purchasing from marketplace
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Added controls showing all items in your shuffle, and added an Equip control which will set your shuffle to contain just that item
  • Fixed many default global items not having correct icons in the loadout screens
  • Added Templar Assassin's armor slot
  • Fixed speech not playing for item purchases
  • The Custom Games UI now displays if a game has dedicated server support.
  • Fixed a crash in Ability Draft mode.
  • Equipping new cursor packs while in-game will now correctly change the cursor pack
  • Fixed a bug where the default wards would appear on the loadout screens of other item types, for example the music loadout page
  • Fixed a bug where some hero bio text was being cut off, for example Oracle's
  • Improved the preview of loading screen items
  • Improved layout of large 3D view in 4×3 aspect ratio windows
  • Demo mode now properly supports HUD skin, weather, and cursor packs
  • Fixed a crash when demoing global items you already own
  • Fixed a bug in Demo mode where some couriers wouldn't appear with the correct particle systems, for example the Wyvern Hatchling
  • Made it so that customizing the effigy items wouldn't change your currently equipped items
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't select a different hero to make an effigy from
  • Fixed a bug where the customize screen wasn't correctly previewing all selected items
  • Default announcers, music packs, etc. no longer show multiple times
  • Fixed a bug with couriers with multiple styles sometimes not showing the right materials, for example the Wyvern Hatchling
  • Fixed global loadout item shuffle: it now will randomly select items within the shuffle instead of the last one selected in the loadout screen
  • Fixed a crash when going to the loadout screen, then to a different page, then changing the window aspect ratio
  • Fixed some cases where stats would display incorrectly in custom games