Doritos promo leaks Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

All but certain at this time

It looks like we know the logo and name of the next Call of Duty game. Not only do we know these but the title itself gives away the setting and time period, as well. You can see the logo of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in a leaked Doritos promo below.

Earlier this year we reported about insiders stating that the newest Call of Duty game would be called Black Ops Cold War but even with a good track record, it’s impossible to be certain without seeing concrete evidence first-hand.

Now, we have exactly that. Massive Call of Duty fansite Charlie Intel has shared a quiet peculiar finding of a cross-promotion between Doritos and the upcoming CoD. This is pretty damning evidence that prior leaks about the existence of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are indeed true.

According to the image, we can also clearly deduct Black Ops Cold War will highly likely come out this year still, since the promo only runs until January next year. That’s not really a long time for Activision to unveil and start drumming the marketing machine.

With this leak now out, we suspect Activision to very soon blow the lid off one of the worst-kept secrets and officially unveil the iconic first-person shooter franchise to return to the Cold War era.

With the massive success of Call of Duty Warzone, it’ll be interesting to see how the plans of Activision are in terms of balancing two separate popular multiplayer active games.