Doom Xbox One pre-order comes DOOM I, DOOM II and Multiplayer Pack

Talk about pre-order bonuses.

According to game developer Bethesda, id Software's upcoming DOOM will keep players wrapped up in the campaign for roughly 13 hours, depending on the difficulty level. If you don't think that's a long enough campaign, you're in luck!

According to the Australian Xbox Store (right click and open in an incognito tab if the link doesn't work), pre-ordering DOOM will get you a copy of DOOM I and DOOM II for your Xbox One. Once pre-ordered, codes for the games will be sent to your Xbox message center around a week after purchase.

In addition to this, pre-orders will also include a Demon Multiplayer pack. 

Here's what the Xbox Store says, word for word: 

"For a limited time, pre-order DOOM and receive DOOM I and DOOM II. The codes will be delivered to your Xbox message center in 7-10 days. You can redeem your codes on Xbox One or at

Pre-order now and also receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack, which includes one, unique Demon-themed armor set with three skin variations, six Hack Modules—one-use consumable perks—six exclusive metallic paint colors, and three id® logo patterns that can be applied to weapons and armor."

Now that's a lot of DOOM, but where's DOOM 3?