Doom & Doom II get surprise update jam-packed with new content

60fps, free levels and lots of QoL features

To the surprise of many, old-school cult shooters Doom and Doom II have gotten a new patch which, among others, enables 60fps gameplay and native add-on support. The update is out now for all versions of the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices even. You can read the whole developer’s notes here.

The new updates for the cult FPS games are likely going to go down as one of the latest game updates of all time. After all, the original Doom originally came out for PC way back in 1993. This makes it close to three decades old by now! Knowing this, it’s even more interesting that the new update is of such substantial nature.

While it may sound unbelievable Doom and Doom 2 have natively only been able to run at a measly 35fps all this time. You might have not known due to most PC gamers usually opting to play unofficial source ports like GZDoom which have for a long time implemented cutting-edge features like uncapped framerates and other similar modern features. But with current-gen consoles just last year having received ports of the two Doom games, this update is a big deal.

Other highlights of the new update are quick saves/load, add-on support, a weapon carousel for weapon selection, more aspect ratio options and level selection. The add-ons, in particular, are no doubt going to offer tons of great new content as they can be easily downloaded in-game and feature some of the best community-made and professionally done levels of the past 25 years. The standout add-on is Sigil, a large campaign created by one of the original Doom developers John Romero.

It may not fully make up for the delay of Doom Eternal into March but it sure is a good excuse to play the iconic games that started it all.