Doodle Apps Facing Possible Copyright Issues on iOS

“Doodle” is just a word, but to developer Lima Sky, it is much more than that. Apparently, the developer behind Doodle Jump is issuing out warnings to all other developers that have the word “doodle” in their app titles. Lima Sky has been sending out the copyright infringement warnings through Apple, who seems to support the claim.

Bryan Duke of Acceleroto has decided to fight Lima Sky’s threats by saying that the word “doodle” doesn’t belong to anyone, just the title Doodle Jump and that game’s main character design. Duke has urged other developers to stand tall against Lima Sky’s attempt to overthrow any games with the word “doodle” in the title.

Though copyright infringement behind a single word is definitely up for debate, it should be noted that a lot of games with “doodle” in the title have surfaced since the launch of Doodle Jump. Ultimately, Apple has a say in the matter due to the games being available on their platforms.