Donated Xbox One Consoles Give Kids the Chance to Game in the Hospital

Gamers Outreach donates 10 consoles for kids in Seattle Children's Hospital

Being sick as a kid sucks. It's scary for parents of course, but for the child, they just feel bad and they're bored. An organization called Gamers Outreach has changed that for the kids at Seattle Children's Hospital by donating 10 Xbox Ones with accompanying kiosk for the console with the help of Xbox.

These kiosks, called 'GO Karts' (Gamers Outreach Karts) include an Xbox One, monitor, controllers and a number of games. The goal is to help kids feel 'normal' and entertain them while they go through trying times that no kid deserves to have to endure. The kiosks are medical-grade, easy to move around and set up, and even come with a mechanical lift so they can be lowered and played at any height.

"It’s amazing to see this project come to life after a year of planning," said Zach Wigal, founder of Gamers Outreach.

“With our next generation of GO Karts, we’re able to deliver these kiosks more efficiently, and ultimately have a much greater impact in the lives of the kids and families going through hospitalization.”

The work at Seattle Children's Hospital is just one example of Gamers Outreach's work. With donations from the Xbox community, Gamers Outreach has provided 36 'Go Karts' to 19 hospitals in the US. Wigal says their goal is to put a kiosk in every children's hospital across the country.

Want to get involved? Next month, Gamers Outreach will hold its annual fundraiser Gamers For Giving. It's a two-day LAN party that brings thousands of players to Michigan with the goal of $200,000 in donations. Check the link for more information on how to show support.