Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked crashes onto PS4 this spring

Don't... sink?

Indie survival game Don’t Starve’s Shipwrecked DLC is coming to PS4 this spring.

Co-developed by Capybara Games and Klei Entertainment, Shipwrecked mixes the classic Don’t Starve formula with pirates and sea monsters. Originally announced in September 2015 and released on PC the following December, the expansion includes new playable characters, biomes and creatures, as well as returning characters from previous expansions like Reign of Giants and Don’t Starve Together.

“After jumping into the Don’t Starve deep end and throwing around ideas for where to take it, what stuck was the idea of transplanting the Don’t Starve characters and mechanics to a whole new, built-from-scratch world,” Capybara’s Dan Vader said on the PlayStation Blog, “one of sun-scorched desert islands featuring brand new biomes, creatures, bosses, weapons, and ways to avoid starvation.”

Co-op expansion Don’t Starve Together is also due out on PS4 this year, though exact release dates have not yet been given for it or Shipwrecked.

Source: PlayStation Blog