Don’t Starve: Giant Edition releasing on Vita September 2nd; Cross buy compatible

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition is officially making the jump to the PlayStation Vita.

Jamie Cheng here, founder of Klei Entertainment, took to the PS Blog to reveal the good news as well as some important details. Don't Starve's code had to be rewritten in order to make the portable jump, so, don't expect cross play with the PlayStation 4 — this is where that bad news ends and the good news begins.

Don't Starve will cost $14.99 on the PlayStation Store and it will come with the Reign of the Giants expansion (that means new characters, seasons, biomes, and other challenges that will happily kill you)! Here's the best news, drum roll please, Don’t Starve: Giant Edition is cross buy compatible! If you own Don't Starve on the PS4, you own it on the Vita and vice versa!

You can expect to start playing Don’t Starve: Giant Edition this September 2nd.

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