Dokuro is a neat-looking puzzle platformer on the PS Vita

All right! A new puzzle platformer is heading to the Vita this October!  Sweet! Dokuro is being developed by Game Arts, the studio behind the Grandia series of RPGs, and it'll feature run-and-jump gameplay mixed in with some brain-teasing trickery.

In Dokuro, you play as a skeleton dude who's trying to rescue a princess from his own master. Yeah, that's not going to bode well for our hero. Regardless of that, the charming fellow wants to help this princess, and help her he will! You'll progress in the game by solving different puzzles and opening paths for the princess to pass through.

Dokuro features a lovely art style, adorable characters, and fairytale themes. The whole thing looks pretty great, and if you're a Vita owner looking for a new game, definitely keep an eye on this one.

You can expect to play Dokuro next month when it launches on the PlayStation Network.

[PlayStation Blog]

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