Dokapon Journey for Nintendo DS now available, featured on Penny Arcade

May 6, 2009

Dokapon Journey for Nintendo DS
now available, featured on Penny Arcade!

Close your eyes for a moment,
Faithful. Now… imagine a—wait, you can’t read this with your eyes closed,
can you? Darn. Well, virtually imagine this: a multiplayer RPG, the perfect
blend of character development, item collection, monster slaying and PvP thrown
in for good measure.

Combine that with elements from your
favorite childhood board games. Finally, imagine that this game is portable,
something you can take with you on car trips and plane flights and play with
others, with multi- and single-card multiplayer. Imagine no more, Faithful…
Dokapon Journey™ for Nintendo DS™ is now available at select North American
stores, and it’s everything mentioned above and more.

You begin at Dokapon Castle,
summoned by the King to aid him in reclaiming his Kingdom, which has been
overrun by monsters. In exchange for your help, the King will give you the
throne and the hand of his daughter, the lovely Princess Penny. Trouble is,
you’re not the only adventurer who responded. Whether you’re playing against AI
or bringing your friends into the mix (highly recommended), it’s up to you to
rise to the top, save the Kingdom, and win the throne. Just don’t get betrayed
or killed or something first.

Spread the world, Faithful! There’s
nothing quite like a trek through the world of Dokapon with friends.

Dokapon Journey for Nintendo DS is
now available!