Documentary “Gamers” Tops Hulu Charts

Gamers isn’t a documentary about gamers, but about MMO gamers—more specifically, World of Warcraft players. The hour-long documentary is currently streaming for free on Hulu and has received a lot of attention, topping Hulu’s documentary list for a week straight. The attention isn’t all desirable, though, as many are criticizing the documentary for its portrayal of gamers.

Director Ben Gonyo takes viewers through a basic rundown of MMO culture. He interviews gamers, psychologists, and celebrities like Jay Mohr, Curt Schilling, and RA Salvatore. For those who know nothing about the topic, it’s a good starting point, but many say the documentary focuses too heavily on World of Warcraft and paints a negative picture of gamers.

“So many people are seeing the film I’ve worked a long time to make,” says Gonyo. “Most of the response has been positive but I understand the critics, you can’t please everyone. Everything is honest and I stand by the film 100%. Most gamers have a good sense of humor and I enjoyed spending time with them.”

The documentary is available to watch for free on Hulu. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Is Gonyo right about MMO gamers, or totally off his mark?