Doctor Strange’s figure has surfaced for the cancelled Disney: Infinity

Unfortunately, anyone still playing won't get to enjoy it.

The first images of Doctor Strange's figure for the now cancelled Disney: Infinity have just surfaced.

Most can agree that the popular Disney: Infinity sandbox game had a good run. Unfortunately, as lucritive as the Disney/Marvel relationship has proven itself to be, the "toys-to-life" game just couldn't keep up with other titles in the running, Lego: Dimensions, Nintendo: Amiibo, and the old pros in the genre, Skylanders, and was recently cancelled. Despite its varying range of figures from Disney to Star Wars to Marvel, its possible the whopping price tag of $13.99 per figure was one of the major factors in its downfall.

While the the last line of figures became available this month for the release of 'Finding Dory', there were still a few more characters expected to come out over the coming months. The most recent one slated to launch was for the upcoming Marvel film, Doctor Strange, but as a result of the cancellation, it will not be available for retail purchase: