DmC Devil May Cry Key Location Guide – Mission #2 ‘Home Truths’

Scattered throughout DmC Devil May Cry are hidden "Argent Keys." There are four types of these Argent keys; copper, argent, gold and ivory. Each of these four types of keys open up a corresponding secret door in every mission of the game. In turn, these secret doors lead to bonus secret missions. This guide only focuses on the location of the Argent keys — more specifically, the location of the key in Mission #2, titled "Home Truths".

Mission #2 'Home Truths' Hidden Keys

There are two hidden keys in mission #2: one Copper key and one Argent key.

Key #1: To find the first key go up the staircase directly in front of you and go to the right.

DmC Devil May Cry hidden key - Mission 2 Home Truths

Continue right and head straight down the hall. A Copper key will be in the door at the end of the hall.

DmC Devil May Cry hidden Key mission 2

DmC Devil May Cry key walkthrough

Key #2: After finding the painting, head through the left doorway.

DmC Devil May Cry - Mission 2 Key 2

Drop down through into hole. 

DmC Devil May Cry - Mission 2 Key 2

Turn around and run through the hall until you see the Eryx gem, smash it with your Eryx weapon and you'll find the second key; this is a Argent key.

DmC Devil May Cry hidden key location mission 2

DmC Devil May Cry

Congratulations you have found the hidden keys in Mission 2 "Home Truth". Continue to Mission #3.