DmC Devil May Cry DLC strongly hinted at, but Capcom promises it won’t be on-disc

Capcom didn't come out and say DmC Devil May Cry will have downloadable content following its launch, but they didn't exactly rule it out either. However, given Capcom's track record and the amount of games that are supported with DLC post-launch, you can probably assume we'll get some sort of content.

"Right now we're really focused on getting just the main boxed game out. We're obviously aware DLC is something most games tend to do and we're obviously looking at a range of ideas for what would be compelling," Capcom Senior Produce Alex Jones told us at Comic Con, "and that's where coming to events like this, we get a fairly firm sense of what you guys find compelling."

But while Jones couldn't guarantee what, if, or when DmC would get DLC, he did positively assure us that it would NOT be on the disc – something Capcom has been notorious for doing with their games much to the dismay of consumers.

"It won't be on disc," Jones confirmed, without a bit of hesitation. "I want to be very, very clear about this. It will not be on disc."

"Read my lips: not on disc," he added for good measure.

Capcom has been called out repeatedly by fans and consumers who have found hidden files for DLC on the disc of games such as Street Fighter X Tekken, and most recently Resident Evil 6. Capcom has said they'd re-evaluate their practice of putting DLC files on disc, but the recent Resident Evil 6 discovery has made fans weary.