DLC for The Binding of Isaac coming in May

Last time we got word regarding DLC in The Binding of Isaac, we hardly really knew anything on the matter. All anyone was aware of was that Wrath of the Lamb was going to be priced at $3, which is pretty darn cheap. Developer Edmund McMillen also announced that the add-on content would pack more awesomeness into The Binding of Isaac.

That was back in January, and here we are several months later with some juicy, squishy details. McMillen revealed a pretty promotional poster that lists a late May release for Wrath of the Lamb. While that's not incredibly specific, we can at least expect some more details in the near future.

The DLC, as previously stated, will cost three bucks, and it will pack in a substantial amount of new content. How much new stuff will there be? According to that poster, 50 percent more. Aww, yeah!

Watch out for Wrath of the Lamb if you're a fan of The Binding of Isaac and want some new content.


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