DJ Announces Publishing Deal For Wild Earth On PC


Publishing Deal Announced For Wild Earth On PC

Digital Jesters proudly announce
the signing of a hugely mass-market adventure, "Wild Earth", due for release on
PC CD-ROM in the final quarter of 2005.

Developed by Seattle based Super X
Studios, Wild Earth is a graphically spectacular safari adventure set in the
heart of Africa, offering gamers a breathtaking journey through the Serengeti
National Park. The concept, which centres on exploration of the spectacular
African terrain and photography of an immense array of beautifully and
accurately rendered indigenous flora and fauna, has also been developed by Super
X Studios as a motion simulator thrill ride recently installed in several
locations worldwide, including the Philadelphia and San Diego zoos.

"Wild Earth is a unique concept
which we’re confident will appeal to a broad range of people, including
non-traditional gaming audiences like female gamers, young children and
families. The non-violent gameplay, topical subject matter and breathtaking
visuals give the game immense mass market potential and we’re delighted to be
working with Digital Jesters to bring Wild Earth to as wide an audience as
possible," James Thrush, owner and lead producer of Super X Studios commented.

Having already secured a number of
innovation awards at the Independent Games Festival, Wild Earth has caught the
attention of numerous commercial brands, and Digital Jesters are currently in
discussion with several key sponsorship partners, all of whom are extremely keen
to share some involvement in the game.

"We’re extremely pleased to have
signed such a unique and widely appealing title. With the constant criticism
over violence in video games, it’s fantastic to be able to offer a product that
gives gamers something completely different. Wild Earth has afforded us some
incredible opportunities with a number of large, globally recognised brands and
we’re very excited about the partnership possibilities available," Terry Malham,
Digital Jesters co-founder and commercial director added.

About Wild Earth:

Featuring breathtaking landscapes
from the African Serengeti National Park, Wild Earth is a stunning adventure
which allows players to experience the African wildlife in its natural
environment. Players embark on various assignments, each of which feature
different photographic objectives, challenging the player to explore the lush 3D
world and take the best photographs of animals and environmental features. At
the end of each assignment, an html article is created using the player’s own
photographs which provides additional in-depth information and insight. These
articles can be printed, saved or shared.


  • Accurate and beautifully recreated
    wildlife including elephants, cheetahs, lions, crocodiles and more

  • Simulated weather conditions –
    (racing clouds, rainfall, dust devils, thunder storms)

  • Immersive 3D environments (open
    plains, rocky outcrops, lakes, streams etc)

  • Diverse missions including
    specific night-time challenges, wild animal tracking and exploration of the
    Serengeti terrain

  • Stirring soundtrack created by
    world music label Talking Drum Records

  • Creative game design; players are
    encouraged to practice and develop photography skills

  • Differing skill levels for more
    advanced photography challenges

  • Personalised gameplay utilising
    players photographs in html articles

  • Non-violent family oriented
    gameplay mechanic with mass market appeal

  • Wild Earth will be published on PC
    CD-ROM by Digital Jesters across all territories worldwide (excluding French
    speaking countries), in Q4 2005