Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition available now for Mac

Don't let those Windows dudes have all the fun

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition was quite a fantastic surprise when it released this year. Building on last year's already amazing foundation, those who upgraded or bought the Enhanced Edition were treated to numerous improvements, tweaks and additions such as co-op, new spells and weapon styles, full voiceover and even controller support to make the game that much better. However the game never had a Mac release. Today, that changes.

As far as operating systems go, today the game is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and SteamOS, and hey, if you're on a Mac or any of those others and haven't yet indulged in this fantastic RPG, Steam is currently selling it for 33% off.

*Note: The video above is for the console versions, though the new content is found across every version of the game.