Dishonored ‘Killer Moves’ trailer will make you realize you’ve been playing the game wrong

I’ll admit, I played through Dishonored stealthy – all the way.  For that reason, I didn’t get to experiment will all these unique and advanced killing techniques found in this video.  Even if I was playing as a cruel and sinister murderer, I don’t think I would have even fathomed some of the kills done in this Dishonored ‘Killer Moves’ trailer.

These compilations of unique murders were all fan submitted to Bethesda to show off some of the most imaginative kills the game has to offer.  Like holy @#$% on some of these!  When you can stop time, the possibilities are near endless.  The use of wind to make the grenade follow further… dat accuracy. 


Some of the kills in this trailer contain spoilers of people you have to kill in the video.  While awesome, I was surprised Bethesda showed some of these off.  Either way:

1. Don’t care and watch it anyways.

2. Finish the game THEN watch the trailer.      

3. Watch the trailer now then erase that part of your mind (hard).


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