Disgruntled Skyrim Fan Creates Fake Twitter Account, Pretends to be Pete Hines


It appears someone is so fed up with the way Bethesda is handling Skyrim that they have created a fake Twitter account pretending to be Pete Hines, the VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda.

The disgruntled gamer has assumed the identity of Pete Hines under the Twitter account @DCDaecon.  At quick glance it may look like the original, but it actually swaps two letters.  I immediately noticed something was up when I recieved a tweet that read, "Everyone at Bethesda hates you #die".  I don't know Pete Hines personally, but I'm pretty sure he'd never write anything like that.  Needless to say, I was right.

The user appears to be an angered gamer who seems upset and impatient with the lack of attention the PS3 is getting.  He is trolling the gaming community, posting ridiculous tweets bashing Bethesda and their handling of games.  He seems to be going on the ACTUAL Pete Hines Twitter account and responding to Tweets.  Unfortunately, most fans don't notice the letter difference and think it's actually Pete Hines responding.

"People will just have to deal with it. Why do you think we only sent out 360 versions for review?" read one Tweet in response to a fan who actually tweeted the real Pete Hines about a PS3 gameplay issue.

Some fans are mistakenly tweeting directly to the fake account.  "The patch will be developed when we feel like it. Stop crying and be thankful we even made a version for the subpar PS3," said the fake to an actual fan who asked a question.  

For reference, the REAL Pete Hines goes by @DCDeacon.  You can follow him for the real, official updates regarding Skyrim and anything Bethesda related.  Be sure to check the letters of the Twitter account before tweeting or responding.  I didn't catch the mistake until a few hours later – at first I thought Pete's account was hacked.