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Gold Ships


Quebec. March 5th, 2001 – Strategy First Inc. is pleased to announce that
Disciples Gold has shipped.


the release of Disciples: Sacred Lands in September 1999, the demand for
Disciples has been tremendous. Stores have sold out and the demand is still
present almost a year and a half later. Consequently, Strategy First has
decided to release a gold edition of the game that contains over 25 additional
scenarios, increased multiplayer functionality and includes all updates since
the original game’s release. The additional scenarios are a combination of
ones previously available and at least 10 entirely new maps to explore and
conquer. Some of the scenarios available are single episodes, while others
follow a continuous storyline that carries over from one scenario to the


Gold will hit store shelves throughout the week of March 5th – 9th. Strategy
First will post a list of retailers that will carry the game as soon as orders
are confirmed. Log onto www.strategyfirst.com
for more!


Disciples: Sacred Lands The impending approach of a new millennium and the
dawn of a new age sets the stage for Disciples: Sacred Lands. In a fantastic
medieval world, four realms – the Empire, the Mountain Clans, the Legions of
the Damned and the Undead Hordes wage a war to control the destiny of their
gods. Battling with swords and sorcery, each warrior tests his faith in
battles of brute force, spellbinding magic, and acts of guile. Each realm must
strive to be victorious, for only by vanquishing the other races will the
victor, his people and his gods survive.


for its beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay, Disciples brings to life a
remarkable world of magic, might and mayhem. With multiplayer action over LAN
and Internet, and a powerful scenario editor, Disciples provides players with
countless hours of addictive gaming.


Disciples development team is now working on their next project, Disciples II:
Dark Prophecy due for release this summer. Disciples II takes the Disciples
story to new heights and adds new gameplay elements that are sure to impress.
More information on the game will be available soon on www.disciples2.com.


more information contact:


Relations Manager Strategy First Inc. 

St. Paul W. Suite 300 

QC H2Y 1Z5 Canada 

844-3040 ext. 240 

[email protected] 




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