Director Neill Blomkamp still interested in live-action Halo

Yeah, that's not happening

Once upon a time we almost got a live-action Halo movie with Neill Blomkamp as the director and Peter Jackson as the producer. The film never made it out of development, mostly because of artistic differences, though, if you ask Blomkamp it was because Microsoft was greedy and the studio didn't like his cyber-punk focus in the film.

Either way, that film got cancelled. According to Blomkamp, though, he still loved Halo and would like to do a film in that world, but no one is asking him.

"I love HALO. still. But I seem to have a bad track record of turning existing franchises into films. haha, Do I love the world? Master Chief? reach, the colonies, the Flood, the Covenant? YES. Am I going to end up directing a piece in that world? probably not- meaning no one is asking me…."

While no one is asking him for a movie, Blomkamp did go on to include that he would be game for another round of Halo Landfall shorts.

"Although, I must say if Microsoft asked me to do another batch of pieces like LANDFALL now, I would say yes. Inside OATS that could be very cool actually."

Prior to Halo 3's release, Blomkamp teamed up with Bungie Studios, WETA Digital, and Origami Digital to create a series of short live-action films to promote the game's release. It was the first time that the Halo series officially attempted live-action adaptations. The shorts were all edited together to create what is known today at Halo Landfall.

Blomkamp explained all of this in an 'Ask Me Anything' thread on Reddit, which eventually lead to Microsoft's Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) getting pinged by another Redditor asking if Hryb saw what Blomkamp had said. Hryb responded that he had heard Blomkamp "Loud and clear."

That doesn't necessarily mean anything for the future of live-action Halo though… We are still waiting on the Steven Speilberg produced Halo series – remember?

If you need a refresher on Landfall, here's the video: