Diner Dash, Dream Chronicles Removed from XBLA and PSN

The removal of old titles from downloadable services may be becoming a weekly story, but we’re going to report on every single one of them until people start taking notice. This week’s losses are Diner Dash and Dream Chronicles, removed from XBLA and PSN. The reason, according to GamerBytes, is Hudson’s recent shuffling around, which has cost them any games they developed under license from PlayFirst.

Dream Chronicles is a game that I had the joy of reviewing for another site, and you can sleep well knowing its absence isn’t devastating by any stretch. Still, Diner Dash is by most accounts a pretty fun game. Now it’s one you’ll have to buy elsewhere, granted it’s not unexpectedly removed (again).

It’s understandable that licenses change hands and companies collapse or get swapped around, but measures need to be set in place to inform and protect customers. Imagine if instead of these games it were Limbo, Shadow Complex, or Braid that was suddenly and unexpectedly removed.

What about when these services are taken offline? If you have any previous generation consoles, take a look at them for a moment. See how completely there and available they are? Now imagine ten years from now, when Microsoft decides to kill Xbox Live support on 360. What will happen to your downloaded games?

Maybe it won’t matter by then because everything will be so much better, but the idea of games being lost to the temporary nature of these services is unfortunate, to say the least. Am I all in a huff about nothing, or do you think we need to start paying more attention to this increasingly pervasive issue?