Digital Storm Unleashes the Ultimate Gaming Experience with Black OPS Gaming PC

February 11, 2010

Digital Storm Unleashes the
Ultimate Gaming Experience with Black OPS Gaming PC

Custom gaming PC sets a new
benchmark for extreme performance with Intel i7 + ATI, Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling,
TwisterBoost Overclocking and Noise Suppression Package

Digital Storm proudly unveils its
most elite line of gaming PCs to date: Black|OPS. With the Black|OPS line of
high-performance gaming computers, Digital Storm has elevated the standards to
which gamers hold their computers to. By integrating the industry’s best
hardware, including the Intel i7 processor and ATI 5970 graphics card, then
optimizing and overclocking these components, Digital Storm has created the
ultimate gaming PC that delivers unparalleled performance.

At the core of Black|OPS gaming
machines is Digital Storm’s Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling System. Comprised of the
industry’s best known brands and components, the Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling System
effectively removes performance inhibiting heat from the processor, video cards,
and even the motherboard’s chipset.

Digital Storm gives its customers
the chance to push their Black|OPS system to the extreme with its TwisterBoost
Overclocking process. TwisterBoost optimizes and overclocks the system’s
processor, memory, and graphic cards. After the TwisterBoost Overclocking
process is completed, each machine is subjected to a strict stability test to
ensure all components are completely stable. All TwisterBoost Overclocked
machines, as is the case with all Digital Storm machines, are backed by the
company’s 3 year parts and labor warranty.

Digital Storm has upped the ante by
offering its customers an industry leading Noise Suppression Package. Through
the use of noise dampening material, tuning of fan speeds, adjusting chassis
air-flow and analyzing the system’s noise signature, Digital Storm has virtually
eliminated the transmission of sound emanating from the PC.

Prior to shipping to the customer,
each Digital Storm system undergoes a rigorous 72-Hour Stress-Test. Digital
Storm technicians stress-test and benchmark the system via industry standard
testing software coupled with a proprietary testing process that detects
components which can be prone to future failure.

“With Black|OPS, our engineers
designed, integrated and optimized our gaming PCs from the ground up; the result
is nothing less than astounding,” commented Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s
Director of Product Development. “Unlike other gaming PC integrators, who simply
cram the latest hardware into chassis, Digital Storm’s engineers select the
highest quality components and ensure that every piece works in perfect unison
with each other. We truly believe that our Black|OPS systems will redefine the
standards that gamers hold their systems to.”

Digital Storm’s Black|OPS systems
are currently available for purchase at
.  The Extreme configuration has a base price
of $3,102 & each Digital Storm system comes with a 3 year parts and labor
warranty, including replacement parts, and lifetime customer support.

To learn more about Digital Storm’s
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