Digital Leisure announces 15 Classic Arcade Games for the All New Xbox 360*

Digital Leisure announces 15 Classic Arcade
Games for the All New Xbox 360*

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada – November 22, 2005 –
Digital Leisure today has released fifteen classic games that redefined a
generation for the all new Xbox 360*. Hold on to your consoles, included in the
release is the award winning Dragon’s Lair series of games and American Laser
Games classics, like Mad Dog McCree. Also, for the first time on a home console
comes the Digital Leisure release of the classic Thayer’s Quest! All of these
great titles are compatible with the all new Xbox 360*.

"It’s so exciting to see the classics continuing
to make a comeback. Playing your old favorites on the latest and most powerful
entertainment platform will be a great thrill for all." said Elizabeth Foster,
President of Digital Leisure, "and we are delighted to be able to continue to
deliver more classic games to console gamers!"

Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair 2:
Time Warp, featuring the classic animation of Don Bluth, are available
individually or together as the 20th Anniversary Edition Box Set. Thayer’s
Quest, an animated adventure originally released in the arcades in 1984, gives
players more choice and allows each player to have a unique gaming experience
which made it an instant hit. The American Laser Games shooting titles Mad Dog
McCree, Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold, The Last Bounty Hunter, Crime Patrol, Drug
Wars, Who Shot Johnny Rock and Space Pirates feature live action video with
authentic sound and scenery to put you in the midst of the action.

All of these games are available now from 
for about half the retail price of most Xbox 360* releases.