Digital Eel Wants You To Play With Their Bloxs, Blobs, and Worms!

April 23, 2008

Digital Eel Wants You To Play
With Their Bloxs, Blobs, and Worms! Three Digital Eel Classic Titles Available
For Free!

Many years ago, at the dawning of
the new century, a trio of industry veterans gathered together to form the
ultimate independent triumvirate. Under the name Digital Eel they plotted to
storm the digital world with games of wit, ingenuity, creativity, and a healthy
dose of good ol’ fashioned fun. Deep in the bowels of their sprawling Seattle
Gamecommand (actual size may vary) they hammered away at the furnaces, carefully
crafting their first game.

In 2001 Digital Eel unveiled the
fruit of their labor and the world met Plasmaworm. Now, in 2008, Digital Eel is
making it available (along with two other classics from their award-winning
library of titles) to gamers everywhere for FREE!

Plasmaworm is the fiendishly
addictive arcade game of weird worms eating random probability eidolons in a
tank of otherspatial plasma. Wait, what happens where? Fret not, it’s a fairly
straightforward game that can be enjoyed by gamers young and old alike.

One or two players (on the same
computer, in either co-op or deathmatch mode) control a plasmaworm through
twenty increasingly difficult levels of play. The worm starts off as tiny
fellow, gliding merrily along in its pulsating plasma tank by your control, on
the prowl for the eidolons that randomly spawn. Players then guide their
plasmaworm to the eidolon, gobbling it up. With each probability snack the worm
grows longer. The object of each level is to devour a certain number of objects
without crashing into the walls, or yourself, which is usually easier said than

Plasmaworm also features several
cool elements not often seen in Snake-style games, such as shooter elements in
some of the levels, and an end game boss, the Plasmangler! While we wouldn’t
want to ruin the surprise of facing the Plasmangler, we will mention that it
involves a tentacled beak, multi-layer destruction, and Plasmoidians. You can
never have enough Plasmoidians in your game!

Plasmaworm provides gamers with the
signature Digital Eel gameplay; easily enjoyed in quick bites, but just as
readily enjoyed for hours at a time. Beguiling graphics and a hypnotic
soundtrack will captivate gamers, while a high score list will push them to new
limits. Plasmaworm even includes a full suite of editors that players can use to
create new levels, unleash new plasma, and even craft their own soundtrack!

Plasmaworm is available for Windows
and has very modest system requirements. Download the full game for FREE today
at… wait! Digital Eel has even more games for your downloading pleasure.

Plasmaworm Free Download

Big Box of Blox can best be
summed up as Tetris on acid. So crank up some Floyd and challenge yourself to
game modes such as Flaming Peelout, Blok Atak, Groink, Mushroom King and Asylum
Cubez. Enjoy mind-blowing visuals as only Digital Eel delivers as you smash and
squish boxes with six different game variants, special blox, ten levels of
difficulty while bopping along with eight far out music tracks.

Both Windows and Mac users can trip
on the Big Box of Blox.

Are you a gamer sick of blowing away
Nazis, terrorists, and aliens? Ever think there has to be something else to
shoot at? Does Digital Eel have the game for you…

Big Box of Blox Free Download

Dr. Blob’s Organism, winner
in not one, but two, IGF categories (2004 IGF Innovation In Audio and Innovation
in Visual Art), is a game about shooting one-celled organisms in a petri dish.
Think of it like the old arcade game Tempest, only with much squishier targets.
Blast blobs over twenty levels, using ten different power-ups. Three difficulty
levels, bonus levels, and five special blob abilities will keep you coming back
for more protozoan destruction. Like you’ve come to expect from Digital Eel
gameplay is easy to pick up but a challenge to master.

Dr. Blob’s Organism Free Download

Dr. Blob’s Organism is available for
both Windows and Mac.

Digital Eel’s critically acclaimed
and award-winning electronic ludography includes Strange Adventures in Infinite
Space, Dr. Blob’s Organism, Big Box of Blox, and Weird Worlds: Return to
Infinite Space.

In the world of cardboard they have
released a SAIS Diceland set, and coming soon from Shrapnel Games is their
tactical starship combat board game set in the Weird Worlds universe, Eat
Electric Death!

If the price of FREE is one that
intrigues you, be sure to also check out winSPWW2, winSPMBT, and Conquest of
Elysium II, all also available on the Shrapnel Games website. All are full
featured games available for download at no cost to you, and without any strings

winSPWW2 and winSPMBT represent the
cream of the turn-based tactical wargame crop. Based on the classic Steel
Panthers game, wargamers will find literally thousands of hours of gameplay with
both titles, spanning nearly a century of combined arms warfare between the two.
Conquest of Elysium II is a classic turn based fantasy game of conquest by
Illwinter, the same folks behind the massively popular Dominions series.

For more information on any of these
games please visit
Besides giving away games we also sell them, with an award-winning catalog
spanning many genres. Our most recent release is Scallywag: In the Lair of the
Medusa, a Rogue- like action RPG that also happens to be fully moddable by
anyone, no programming skills necessary! And just announced, coming soon to your
PC: War Plan Pacific, the PTO game that lets you fight the entire conflict in a
single evening!