Digital Eel Sets Loose The Goblin Slayer!

May 8, 2008

Digital Eel Sets Loose The Goblin

Free Fantasy Board Game Available
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As everyone is well aware dwarves
and goblins hate each other. This deep rooted hatred is believed to have begun
when the dwarf Karl Bergerkingstein and the goblin Smellslikeoldpeople were
roommates, and Smellslikeoldpeople washed Karl’s favorite white tunic with the
goblin’s beloved red smock with predictable results. From that time forward
dwarf and goblin have been mortal enemies.

While there have been plenty of
role-playing games to acknowledge the enmity between the races board games on
the subject have been few and far between. But no longer will gamers have to go
without thanks to Digital Eel’s latest FREE offering, Goblin Slayer!

Deep in Snarlsbad Cavern lurk an
endless legion of terrible goblins. Also someplace down there, amidst the
darkness and stench, resides a magical object beloved by dwarves: the Shimmering
Widget. Once thought safe from the envy of the world it has been taken by the
goblin hordes. One dwarf, Stormbeard, armed with his axe, "Death’s Whisper",
must now descend into the depths, slay many goblins, and find the Shimmering
Widget. This is Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer (which could also
double as the name of a German power metal band) is a fantasy board game for two
players. One player controls Stormbeard the dwarf on his quest for the
Shimmering Widget, while the other leads the throngs of goblins in hopes of
striking the dwarf down and then possibly eating him; dwarf kidneys are
sometimes considered a delicacy in the underdark and their skulls make great

The Snarlsbad Cavern complex
consists of a series of geomorphic tiles that are used to create the gameboard,
allowing for a different combination of tiles each play. Gameplay is easy to
learn, with a heavy focus on killing things! It is called Goblin Slayer and not
Goblin Let’s Meet For Tea And Discuss Long Term Mutual Growth Plans after all!

As mentioned earlier this is a
totally FREE complete board game offered up as a digital print and play file. In
order to make use of Goblin Slayer you will need access to a printer and some
sort of device to cut out the map sections once printed. While a battleaxe may
be in the spirit of the game we recommend scissors. Please note that the game
does not come with any counters, you will have to provide the playing pieces
yourself. If you’re a fantasy gamer chances are you have plenty of miniatures
laying around that could be used, otherwise any number of objects may be used to
represent Stormbeard and the goblins. Pennies, beads, dice. Come on, ya gotta at
least have some dice laying around!

Click here to download
today! Learn the game, print it out, and be playing within minutes!