Didn’t preorder Total War: Rome 2? Here is a sale for the first DLC

As a reward for pre-ordering Total War: Rome II, you received the first DLC pack ‘Greek States’ for free. This pack includes three factions: Athens, Sparta, and Epirus. You can’t get go wrong with three new Greek factions, each playing completely different than the others. On top of all that, they have unique victory conditions to add more flavor and historic justice to your Rome II experience.

That’s all old news though; if you didn’t pre-order and are looking for some more incentive to the purchase the Greek DLC pack, now is the time! Although this deal is only for $1.59, it’s still a good chunk out of the normal $8.00 price. Basically head to Dealzon, then Green Man Gaming, and pick up the code:


Then use it as a coupon in Green Man. That’s about it. Unify Greece, take Europe as a constellation prize, win.