Dice Talks Battlefield 1 For Remainder of 2017, Calls it A Revolution

Apparently, they're not done with Battlefield 1.

DICE is apparently busy expanding Battlefield 1 for the remainder of 2017. They've outlined their roadmap, calling it a "revolution". This includes a new initiative to deliver maps included in the Premium Pass. 

With the less-than-successful attempt at Premium Friends (which those maps were a part of), DICE is now launching Premium Trials. According to the roadmap, the first Premium Trial maps will be the Prise de Tahure, Nivelle Nights, and the additional four maps from They Shall Not Pass DLC.

While Premium Friends will still be available until Gamescom in Germany (fun fact, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be opening the event), the roadmap moving forward includes the DLC In the Name of the Tsar, which will launch in September.

Dice Talks Battlefield 1 For Remainder of 2017, Calls it A Revolution

DICE describes Premium Trials below:

"Premium Trials is a way for players who don’t own a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass to play on maps they normally wouldn’t have access to. Unlike Premium Friends, Premium Trials doesn’t require you to join a squad with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owner – you’ll simply have access to Premium maps by logging into the game*."

DICE has also detailed their third expansion to the game, Turning Tides. It will feature naval battles along with the usual land and air battles. Lastly, Battlefield 1 will join a number of games on EA Access and Origin Access for Xbox One and PC respectively.

In the Name of the Tsar launches in September, but Premium Pass members can get early access.