Diablo IV unveiled and here’s all you need to know about it

Evil sweeps the lands once again

As expected, Blizzard has unveiled the newest chapter in its iconic hack-and-slash series during this year’s BlizzCon. The previous rumors were indeed correct, and Diablo IV is now reality even if it might take still a long time until it actually comes out. Check out the cinematic & gameplay trailers below!

This year’s BlizzCon had a lot of anticipation going for it, not all positive. After the company’s controversial decision to ban a professional Hearthstone player for supporting the Hong Kong protests, the backlash from the gaming community immediately made the rounds across the internet. Blizzard addressed the situation right at the start of the opening ceremony with a rather weak apology, but it didn’t matter much as the visitors immediately forgot about the whole ordeal when Diablo IV was announced right after it.

As is tradition with Blizzard, we got to witness a great CG trailer with insane production values, which introduced the big baddie of D4. Lilith, Queen of the Succubi and Mother of Misery. After being summoned in a dark ritual, she returns from her exile and is up to no good. It’s up to us to defeat her devilish plans and rid the world of evil once again. For now, three character classes have been unveiled with the Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid.

Just like its predecessor, Diablo IV will be an always-online title, so tough luck for fans of offline gaming. There are benefits to this design however, as D4 will feature a shared open-world where multiplayer will be integrated seamlessly into the experience. For those who absolutely don’t want to deal with other humans, there is the choice to enter dungeons alone or with others. And areas that are critical to the campaign will only feature the player and their party. That is all good news.

Diablo IV will go back to its darker roots, forgoing the colorful aesthetics of Diablo III. That’s great news for fans of the legendary Diablo 2 in particular and from the gameplay trailer, we can see that the world of D4 is indeed a very bleak one.