Diablo III senior producer leaves Blizzard

Diablo III senior producer Steve Parker announced he is leaving Blizzard after five years with the company.

First announced on his Twitter, Parker had this to say, "Hey Twitter, I'm no longer working at Blizzard or on D3. I've had a great 5 years there and those guys are going to kill it with Diablo." There is no news on where Parker's next stop will be, but there doesn't seem to be any hard feelings between himself and the company behind popular franchises like Diablo and World of Warcraft.

Only stating he was on to bigger things, Parker seemed to be in a good standing with Blizzard. Then, for the next order of business, Blizzard has to find a new senior producer and have already posted a job opening for the position. Take a look at the job opening here. [VG24/7]