Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition can’t make up its mind on its file size

The PlayStation 4 is about to get one of the biggest games yet. Well, kind of.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition just can't make up its mind on whether or not it wants to be the biggest game or an average sized game. If you look at the Sony PlayStation Store the file size goes from 26.8GB in the US to 62.7GB UK & 58.4GB Spain.  The reason for these varying file sizes in unclear, but hopefully Activision-Blizzard decides on going with the smallest file size.

If they don't decide on 26.8GB then the game will take up roughly 10%(+) of the PS4's memory – which, in my opinion, is unreasonable.

If you're in the UK or Spain, would that file size keep you from downloading D3?

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