Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 briefly overviewed

Blizzard has given fans a brief overview on what will be coming in Diablo 3's patch 1.0.4.

"The Diablo III developers have been hard at work on some exciting new features and updates for the game," said Mark 'Bashiok' Whipple. "Many of you have asked for more details, and we're busily preparing several developer blogs filled with information"

They teased the contents of patch 1.0.4 by providing an overview of the information they are planning to share in the "not-too-distant future".

  • System Changes, by Wyatt Cheng
    Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng is preparing a high-level summary of some of the system changes planned for 1.0.4.
  • Legendary Item Improvements, by Andrew Chambers
    Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers is working on a blog detailing all the ways we’re making Legendary items stand out.
  • Magic Find Update, by Jay Wilson
    Following up on earlier discussions, Game Director Jay Wilson will be providing an update on how Magic Find is evolving in patch 1.0.4.
  • Class Changes, by Wyatt Cheng
    Wyatt will also be providing a preview of the changes we’ll be making for each class in 1.0.4 (and the philosophy behind those changes).
  • Patch Notes, by Lylirra
    Of course, this is all building up to the actual patch 1.0.4 release, and we’ll be releasing the full patch notes shortly before the update goes live.

This week Blizzard launched the new Diablo 3 character profiles. This will allow you to access your character's details from any page on the Diablo 3 community site letting you review all of your heroes' information like attributes, gear, stats, and skills.