Diablo 3 auction house hits snag in Korea

Diablo 3's auction house was greeted with some hostility when Blizzard first announced it back in August.  The auction house, which allows players to sell in-game items for real-world cash from other players.  The idea, at least for me, sounded great at the time.

The Game Rating Board in Korea, however, has a difference of opinion.  The government agency responsible for approving and classifying video games has hit a snag today, unable to reach an agreement on Diablo 3's auction house.

“Committee members are conflicted about what to do with Diablo 3,” the board spokesman said on Tuesday, “because of (its American developer) Blizzard’s information on the game’s ‘auction house’ feature.”

The problem with the auction house is that it closely resembles gambling – at least in the eyes of the board.  Despite the removal of the controversial feature, which converts the in-game cash into real currency, in the most recent resubmission on December 22nd, the board still hasn't reached a conclusion.

“As it is described in the (re)submission, committee members are still reluctant.”

Because of Blizzard's goal of a simultaneous global, region-free launch, Korea's inability to reach an agreement could delay the game for the entire world.

“In principle, we are always committed to a global release,” said a spokeswoman for Blizzard.

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