Devolver Digital’s Devolver Direct event takes place July 11th

Big Fancy Digital Event

One if not the weirdest yet beloved game publishers have announced that on July 11th they will hold their annual gaming showcase event online. Devolver Direct as it is titled is obviously a quip at Nintendo’s digital event format and marks Devolver Digital’s fourth event of this type. Be prepared for weirdness on top of games

Texas-based publisher Devolver Digital has quickly risen the ranks of esteemed game companies thanks to its rather unorthodox company strategy of seeking out partnerships with small development studios and giving them a better chance of mass success.

Probably more than the budget for the actual creation of games, indie developers have it really hard to successfully market their games. Their budgets are, as is, more often than not barely enough to realize their game vision. As such, indie titles regularly have to rely on their game audiences, streamers, etc. to make their games known.

Devolver Digital has proven to be an exceptionally great partner for such talents and has published landmark titles like Hotline Miami, Broforce, Katan Zero, and many more dozens of great games across a comparable breadth of various developers in the past decade.

And since 2017, the company has released pre-recorded satirical press conferences around E3 season who are an absurd deconstruction of the gaming industry itself while also serving as a real place to promote upcoming games under its banner. In the end, they are truly baffling and grotesque but still enjoyable for some weird reason. Make absolutely sure to check out this year’s Devolver Direct show.

The Devolver Direct is set to take place next week, Saturday, July the 11th  at 12 PM PST/ 3 AM EST and you’ll be able to watch it on Twitch.