Detroit: Become Human will hit PC this December on Epic Games Store

Quantic Dream's third PlayStation exclusive comes to PC in a few weeks.

After years of staying exclusive to the PlayStation console family, Quantic Dream started bringing their last three games to PC. With Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls out of the way, fans have been wondering when they could get 2018’s Detroit: Become Human on PC. Wonder no more!

Detroit: Become Human will officially launch on December 12th, 2019 exclusively on the Epic Games Store for a limited time. Not only will players be able to buy the game for $39.99 but they’ll also get to check the game out via a demo of the entire first level which features a number of branching choices that can drastically change the outcome.

With the PC port, Detroit: Become Human will come with a number of graphical enhancements such as 4K resolution, 60fps, and more. Players will also be able to choose between keyboard and mouse or controller depending on how they want to play.

“Porting the game to PC has been a tremendous challenge, as we wanted players to get the original experience without any compromise. So we entirely redesigned the interface and developed a new engine to offer 4k resolution and high-quality rendering on a wide range of PCs,” says Writer and Director, David Cage. “We are glad to welcome more ‘deviants’ into the dystopic world of Detroit, and allow them to discover Quantic Dream’s vision of interactive storytelling.”

For those not familiar with Detroit: Become Human, it’s a narrative-driven adventure game set in the near future. Humans have created androids to assist them in their daily lives but over time, things start to go awry and the androids become sentient. It’s up to you to both lead and potentially stop a revolution as well as choose how you carry out this uprising. Cause chaos with violence and take the world by storm or show that you can co-exist with humans through peace and prosperity, it’s up to you.

All your choices matter and Quantic Dream does a fantastic job of showcasing this through flow charts at the end of each level that shows how each choice leads to your specific outcome. We gave Detroit: Become Human a 9/10 when we reviewed it for PlayStation 4 back in 2018, you can click here for our full review.

You can also click here to read our interview with David Cage from a couple of months ago where we discussed the importance of demos, bringing these titles to PC, and the future of Quantic Dream.