Detroit: Become Human out now on PC via Epic Games Store

A free demo is available as well

Quantic Dream has released the third and last of their previous PlayStation exclusive games with Detroit: Become Human on PC. Available exclusively through the Epic Games Store, gamers can now experience the French developer’s only PS4 game in never-before-seen visual fidelity on PC. You can buy Detroit: Become Human for just $39.99.

Originally released in early 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and marked Quantic Dream’s first and only project for the current console generation. Just as previously, the game remained on Sony’s gaming system with very little indication of that changing. After all, the studio gained critical and financial acclaim during the PS3 era with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Two other Sony exclusives.

Things changed drastically early this year when the studio announced that going forward, they would make multi-platform releases for their projects. Shortly after, the developer announced a partnership with Epic by bringing all previous PlayStation exclusives to the PC via their Epic Games Store. The release followed in chronological order with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls in quick succession.

Today, with Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream now has brought all their games to the PC. We loved the adventure game already on the PS4 and lauded it for its impressive technical aspect and immersive narrative portion. Being able to experience the near-futuristic tale of AI becoming sentient without leaving human emotions along the way on an entirely new platform is a blessing for both the game and the genre. And if you’re not sure whether the game is up to your taste, fret not. There’s also a free demo that lets you play the first mission for free.