Detn8 Games/Twelve Interactive Sign Deal for Party Crashers

May 6, 2008

Detn8 Games/Twelve Interactive
Sign Deal for Party Crashers

U.S. game publisher Detn8 Games Ltd.
and Italian game developer Twelve Interactive have announced a development deal
to create Party Crashers™, an original title for the Wii™ home video game

Set for release in April, 2009,
Party Crashers is composed of 25 party games in one product, including a host of
action games along with puzzle games, brain teasers, and a music-based game.
Utilizing the crash-dummy characters from Twelve Interactive’s platform game CID
– The Dummy, Party Crashers includes individual game titles such as Pie in the
Face, Chinese Plates, Dummy Cannonball, Pizza Delivery, Treasure Island, and
Dummy Dance. Some of the games will be “unlockable” by performing well in other

While a single player can enjoy the
game, Party Crashers naturally lends itself to family/friend, multiplayer fun,
taking full advantage of the motion features of the Wii Remote. The game is
being designed specifically for the Wii.

“Party Crashers will be great for
group play by families and friends,” says Giuseppe Crugliano, Managing Director
of Twelve Interactive. “We’ll keep the game mechanics simple and easy to pick up
without diminishing the challenge and replay value or compromising the feeling
of reward for doing well.” Party Crashers will be available at major retailers.