Details surface on Dragon Quest X plot, downloadable quests

Some new info regarding the plot in Dragon Quest X recently popped up. According to Andriasang, there will be a story leader while playing online. Players can join the story leader's party and play alongside that person as he or she tackles the game's campaign.

There will be five continents in Dragon Quest X, and they will each feature their own stories. These range from an elf-laden town facing severe destruction to a king suffering from a deadly illness. One of the continents will also task you with discovering the secret behind some missing children.

In addition to the story elements, there will also be downloadable quests for players to engage in. Depending on the character jobs and races, downloadable quests will vary. A number of additional quests will also be released for each continent.

Still no word on when Dragon Quest X will launch in North America. Hopefully fans of the series don't have to wait too long after the game's Japanese release. Stay tuned for any and all details regarding Dragon Quest X as they surface.