Details Released on Chucklefish’s Untitled Magic School Game

Potter Valley?

Chucklefish, the publishers behind Starbound and Stardew Valley has been teasing a few games lately as they solidify their position as a major indie publisher. While the Nintendo Switch version of Stardew Valley steadily approaches launch and details slowly emerge on their tactical RPG Wargroove, they've shown only the occasional screenshot of the magic school game they've been working on until now.

In an exclusive interview with PC Gamer, Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice talked about the untitled magic school game that looks like Harry Potter meets Stardew Valley. The game has technically not been announced yet, but the indie publisher is happy to talk about it nonetheless. 

Details Released on Chucklefish's Untitled Magic School Game

The game takes place in a magic school, where you take the role of one of the students. "The goal has been to create a game world that is entertaining and charming simply to inhabit" Brice explains. This is where the similarity to Stardew Valley begins. It also seems to be a day-by-day simulator with a similar art style.

You'll learn magic, and with it, a crafting system for making your own potions, spells, etc. "There are many different kinds of magic/crafting/potion making/farming systems in this game and each of those needs to be rewarding and satisfying in their own right," Brice says. "It’s important to us that the game captures the nostalgia of school life as much as possible. Expect memorable moments drawn from our own experience that we think players will relate to."

Unfortunately, there's no official announcement yet, and the game continues to be untitled, but that doesn't stop the excitement from fans who have always wanted to go to Hogwarts.