Destiny update now live, full patch notes here

The one about Skolas

As you're probably aware by now, Bungie rolled out today the latest patch for Destiny, Hot Fix While we know the main focus of today's hot fix is on adjusting Prison of Elders, specifically the difficulty of Level 35 Skolas Challenge, we didn't get official patch notes until now.

Below are the specific changes in Destiny with update

  • 'Ashes to Assets’ and ‘Quintessence Transfer’ can now no longer be stacked (they now have cool-downs that can only be used every 10 seconds)
Prison of Elders
  • Fixed a bug where players cannot pick up a quest from Variks to continue the Elder Cipher chain
  • Adjusted difficulty of Level 35 Skolas Challenge Mode

    • Burn Skulls are now replaced by non-elemental skulls
    • Skolas' health reduced (from 27000 to 15000) to compensate for lack of burn skulls
    • Reinforcement spawns are now based on Skolas’ health instead of a timer