Destiny: The Taken King’s new trailer makes you the star

In name only.

Bungie will be launching the expansion for Destiny tomorrow, but the action has already started in the game. While some Guardians are taking care of the Taken that are invading the game, other Guardians are getting a game trailer tailored to their own characters.

If your Guardian is at least level 20, you can make your way over to the "Legend of You" website and enter your gamer ID and platform for a video tailored to your Guardian – like we did in the video above. Before you get too excited, let me deflate the hype balloon.

The video won't show you your Guardian doing cool stuff in The Taken King, it shows you your character stats and percentiles. It's pretty cool that Bungie has the power to do that though. Destiny: The Taken King releases tomorrow, if you didn't purchase the expansion all the content that's currently available for it in Destiny will be removed tomorrow (that means the new Crucible maps are going buh-bye).