Destiny not releasing in 2013, according to Activision

Following the grand unveiling of Bungie's Destiny this weekend, a press release sent out from Activision this morning reiterated the game is not included in the publisher's 2013 outlook.

The statement read: "…although Bungie's amazing new world was revealed today, Activision has not included the launch in its 2013 outlook and there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result." Activision's fiscal year ends December 31, 2013. If the press release is to be taken as final word, we shouldn't expect Destiny in 2013.

Destiny was confirmed as coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, and "other future console platforms," which likely means the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Sony is expected to announce the PS4 this Wednesday, though the launch window for the next PlayStation and Xbox spans from holiday 2013 to early 2014. For Destiny to be a next-gen launch title the game would either need to be pushed up to 2013 or the next Xbox and PlayStation would have to wait until 2014.