Destiny: Ghost Editions selling for triple their worth on eBay, one for over $1,000

Bungie only revealed the special editions for Destiny back in July, but the Ghost Edition has already grown scarce enough to prompt fierce aftermarket price-gouging, eBay listings show.

Given the game’s recent open beta, it comes as little surprise that players are more interested than ever in the online shooter, but to see a $150 product resell for $300-400 is surprising to say the least. A recent post to NeoGAF shows that the current (and hopefully permanent) record setter is an Xbox One Ghost Edition which sold for $1,025.00.

A quick glance at eBay listings show that resold Ghost Editions are in no short supply, as dozens of listings currently top the $350 range. Interestingly, after winning out over 37 bids, the record-setting bidder has yet to pay for their item.