Destiny beta on Xbox One suffering from ‘party stabilization’ issues

Yesterday, Bungie re-opened Destiny's beta servers (following some planned maintenance), inviting those on Xbox One and Xbox 360 to join the MMO shooter mayhem. While I'd consider the launch to be smoother than what we experienced on PlayStation, it's still not without flaws. 

In fact, Bungie has already acknowledged a problem with party stabilization on Xbox One.

Thankfully, they've already got a fix for it. And it's actually kind of easy.

If you're having errors with Destiny on Xbox One, Bungie recommends turning off your console, unplugging it, and then restarting it. Ah yes, the ol' if it fails once just unplug it and try again method — works every time.

Ah, the joys of beta. Better now than in September, right?