Destiny 2: Watch Bungie’s reaction to the world first Leviathan raid clear

Honestly, something about this feels nice.

The Leviathan raid released in Destiny 2 yesterday and streamers immediately grabbed their clan mates to take on the raid and showcase their trials and tribulations live on Twitch. The clans were neck and neck for a long time in the raid, but one clan, 'The Legend Himself' managed to defeat the raid before all the other clans. 

The Legend Himself cleared the Leviathan raid in something around 6 hours to get the job done. While the streamers were hard at work attempting to navigate the raid and defeat the end boss, Bungie HQ had pulled up streams from the teams furthest along and put it on their big screen.

When The Legend Himself defeated the final boss Bungie HQ erupted into cheers.

The image is kind of fuzzy, but you can watch the final moments of The Legend Himself's raid clear below.