Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch is “pretty unrealistic” according to Bungie

Fair enough.

Destiny 2 just had a flux of information revealed the other day including story details, gameplay mechanics, platform details, and much more. One thing that's been on the mind of a few people is the question of the game coming to Nintendo's highly successful platform, the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking with IGN, project lead Mark Noseworthy spoke about the likelihood of a Switch port (spoilers, it's probably never ever going to happen).

"I think it's pretty unrealistic, given we're an online-only game, right?" he said. "[The Switch is] incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it's at, I don't want to leave anyone with the possibility of, like, 'It's a thing we'll consider, maybe next year.' There's no plans right now for Switch."

While unfortunate, it's not unexpected. As mentioned, Destiny 2 is an online-only title and the biggest appeal of the Switch is that it's portable and there's no way to play online games on the go on the console/portable hybrid.

However, with the sequel Bungie's major sci-fi FPS, the series will finally make its debut appearance on the PC. Yes, this means you'll be able to play Destiny 2 with a mouse and keyboard with those really pretty graphics. The PC version will not launch at the same time as the console version and will only be available through Blizzard's PC games service, which is used for games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

Destiny 2 will release on September 8th on PS4 and Xbox One with the aforementioned PC version to follow soon after. A beta is also set to launch this summer for players who pre-order.